Down field


Sometimes you want to allow people to put in multiple rows with the same set of headings. People can put in as few or as many rows as they want. Each row will be converted to one JSON dictionary. In the final data, there will be a list of JSON dictionaries.

To do this, in your cell put


The listkey is the JSON key that the list of items will appear in.

All Down configurations for the same listkey should appear on the same row.

You should probably only have one set of down configurations per sheet (ie only one listkey per sheet) and underneath that there should be nothing. This is because the user can put as many data rows as they want in; if you try and put something else there it may be overwritten.

The order of the rows and the order of the items in the JSON list will be the same.

The itemkey is the JSON key that the data will appear in in each dictionary.

See JSON Key for information on how to structure those.


A guide of:

Title Does it squeak?

And a spreadsheet of:

Title Does it squeak?
Plastic bone Oh Yes
Tennis Ball No

Will map to the data:

    "toys": [
        {"title": "Plastic bone", "squeak": "Oh Yes"},
        {"title": "Tennis Ball", "squeak": "No"},