get_data_from_form_with_guide_spec functionΒΆ

This is a version of get_data_from_form that should be used where performance is an issue.

get_data_from_form will parse the guide spreadsheet every time it is called. If called multiple times, or you need faster action when it is called, use this instead. Call get_guide_spec and cache the results. Pass that cached value to this function.

data = get_data_from_form_with_guide_spec(


  • guide_spec - Data from calling the get_guide_spec function
  • in_filename - filename of the input spreadsheet
  • date_format - if None, any date formatted cells in the spreadsheet will be returned as Python datetime.datetime objects. If set, they will be turned into strings using strftime. For format options, see Python docs .


  • data - a JSON block of the data it managed to extract from the input